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Poetry Challenge 2014

Keith Wallis

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Where everything is perfect



the imperfect is king



difference is celebrated



and the lonely find a home.



Where everything is perfect



there is no need for grace,



for grace becomes homeless



when perfection is achieved.



Thank you God for imperfection



for there You find me



and there Your grace



has purpose.

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In the presence of our enemies



we fear not what will be



a table full of food is there



and pleasant company



protected by the hand of God



his hand and ruling rod.



They see but cannot touch



us as we feast and praise



sing our songs of joy



his own banner raise.

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This is how we know what love is



a tender kiss



placing of a ring



the cry of a new-born



and a kindly smile



helping hand



words in season.



All these are expressions of love



but the greatest is the giving



of a life for others



and the highest was when



Jesus hung on the cross for us.

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Covenant still sings,



Our firm commitment to one another.



Love your neighbor as yourself,



And never forget your spiritual brother.



For the precepts that we follow,



Are the commands from a Loving Heart.



Back to Eden we must venture,



Following God back to the start.



For it's in 'Creation Story',



That we find out who we are.



It's where God first planned our journey,



By His word, our Morning Star!

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Do not give the devil a foothold,



Or he will surely try,



To tempt you and implore you,



To get you on his side.



His mastery's temporary,



As any would already know.



For his end is in the lake of fire,



In the abyss is where he'll go!

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To tempt you and implore you,



the devil's such a cad,



he'd rather we forsake God's good



for the slightest shred of bad.



If he feared that final fire,



one'd think he would repent.



But no, he's so much stuck on "I",



he's blinded--what a wretch!






I do not like name-calling, but somehow



telling the enemy off, indirectly, seems right! !thumbsup!



Reminds me of the old Rich Mullins song:



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Guest Katie17

He'd rather we forsake God's good,



Leaving us in a tangled mess,



rather then at the gates of heaven.



By forgiveness we are redeemed,



given another chance,



once again our rags cleansed.

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" Rather mind your own business!",



than busy bodying around,



my own is enough for me



but sometimes I dabble and get it all wrong



exclamation marks come to mind



and an out of key song



but love still does endure



you will be glad to know



and I've put us back on track



so for the next poet it's



still so easy to go.

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My own is enough for me



That I desire to give it all away



Because what I thought was mine



Belongs to God this day



This life was only borrowed



One I didn't deserve



Because I chose to take the broad road



From the narrow I did swerve



Yet God had his eye on the sparrow



That could be bought for a penny



Jesus paid the ransom



For my sins that were many



By going to the cross



To show what sin becomes



And the many who're still lost



Will be found next time He comes

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