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This witness I, the Psalter.

Jared Williams

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Rolling peaks in the bleak void,

Dizzying repetition of the mind it toyed.


In soaking misery of the waters endless rush,

The heart heaves a futile hope lost in the hush.


Eternal feelings envelop the waters falling,

Lost to the vastness of the failed calling.


Swirling in the torrents of sorrows endless bend,

Drowning in the fathomless depth of the winless trend.


Purpose at last is cast without hope to send,

No sail is seen come past, yet a man descend.


Suspend to all reason, above the waters he do trod,

With outstretched arms, he shines as the Son of God.


Why he would brave to save such as one as I,

Is beyond belief, yet here He is and there I lie.


Yet his shelter is like the falling rays,

Of spring, of summer, of all ends at bay.


My hand he seeks and in loves embrace,

I hover with him over the abyss in pace.


I dare not let go lest then I should falter,

Away from my sorrow he leads, this witness I, the Psalter. 



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