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Prayers of the Heart

Jared Williams

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My heart cries out, O Lord. Compassion bleeds out in despair. I know not what to do. But follow you I will. If I lose my standings among men, what is that to me? Your sacrifice has given me life and no man can take that from me. My prayer is not for myself. Not that I am perfect, I have sinned much and I ask you forgiveness. But my prayer is for your children and the lost. Give me the words to say. Give me the wisdom to do. Work in their hearts, Lord, to bring them to you. Break the chain of this culture, Lord. Bring revival to this land. Cleanse it from all unrighteousness like the days of old. Make me your tool, O Lord. Mold me, make me, use me to your own ends. Break the bonds of lies and tyranny. Bring your children to yourself and let not one fall from your hands.

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