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Based on Matthew 18:10 (EHV): 

See to it that you do not look down on one of these little ones,

because I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the

face of my Father who is in heaven.


Father, do I have an angel before your Face,

As much as little ones whom You embrace?

Does mine minister, gesticulate

And boast about my childlike ways?

Do You then nod and full agree

That my heart's playful, is ever trusting?

Shall I not then come to Your Son,

The Gatherer-in of little ones?


Copyright information for the EHV:







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Looking at these verses again, something strikes me.  Jesus could also have been using the parents of the children in an illustration to the disciples—not just referring to the children.   It surely was an act of humility for the parents to act the way they did.  The “Unless you come unto me” must  have encouraged and reinforced the parents in their caring act of bringing the little ones.  I don’t imagine the children willy-nilly running to Jesus without their parents’ permission.  This of course makes the disciples asking Jesus to shoo the kids away somewhat astounding.  The disciples were disregarding even the sincerity and caring shown by the parents.  Today’s parents can take heart when child rearing seems perplexing.  The mere, sincere act of trying to bring them to the feet of Jesus (a childlike act in itself) can lead parents to understand that raising up a child is all about compassion, not merely correction.

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