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I've never done this - never even heard of it until this weekend. https://www.insecurewriterssupportgroup.com/p/iwsg-twitter-pitch.html


Has anybody ever done this? If so, would you care to paste your 280 word tweet to give me an example of how it would look? Or offer any advice? 280 words comes out to approx. 3 sentences by the time you do the hashtags.  A daunting challenge, for sure, but I know somebody (a crime thriller writer) who actually got her book published after doing this last year!


Also, for those that are in the know, do you interpret the rules as: you can tweet once an hour on the same book? If so, I thought I might work on two or three versions of my pitch and alternate them through the day. Thoughts?


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Yes, I've participated in #PitchWar. I'd show you what I did, but not a single heart, (except from friends.)


Yes, it's really saying once an hour, but have to warn you, if you go with the same tweet every hour, you'll annoy your followers. 


Here's some tips given to me:

-- Three different pitches. (Then again we were allowed no more than three, so, who knows?)

-- Give notice to your friends, followers, and any other group you participate in on Twitter you're going to do it, and would appreciate any RTs.

-- In like kind RT any you see that day that you think is worth a RT.

-- This is a good place to have us check out your pitches before the 15th. (Hint hint.)

-- Don't get very excited if you get hearts... at least until you check and find out the hearts aren't from your friends. 😳

-- Most important, before that day hits, have these things ready to send out to any agent or publisher hearting your pitch:

  1. Your query letter, (prepped with a mentioned he/she liked your pitch.)
  2. A completed manuscript.
  3. In Google/Word/PDF, a copy of your first ten pages, chapter, 50 pages, 100 pages, and three chapters. (Hey, no two agents ask for the same thing, or even the same order for the smae things.)
  4. A synopsis.
  5. Knowledge of all sorts of questions some agents will have you fill out on their form to send your query.

One thing for sure, pitches on Twitter have to mean you're ready to go. They cannot mean "will get there eventually."


Seriously, add your pitches to this and let us give you ideas how to make it better and better.

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On 1/7/2020 at 11:59 AM, Spaulding said:

-- Three different pitches. (Then again we were allowed no more than three, so, who knows?)

Yes, this!  Don't do the same pitch 3 times. A pitch will grab one agent but not another. Mix it up and you have more possibility of attracting someone. 


These are my three pitches from #FaithPitch last summer:


Sold. Broken. Lost. Young Joseph, a slave in Egypt after his brothers took the ultimate revenge against him, is left with nothing to hold on to except his father's remote God. To have faith in his father's deity may be futile, but it is all that Joseph has. #FaithPitch #INSPY #A


Egypt, 1876 BC. A new vizier stands at the Pharaoh’s right hand – a foreigner, who claims he can save Egypt from impending doom. His name is Joseph, and he serves one God, and one alone. #FaithPitch #HF #INSPY #A


Beloved. Brilliant. Despised. Joseph had his father’s favor, but to his brothers, that was the ultimate crime. Now sold into Egypt as a slave and with nothing else to turn to, Joseph asks himself if there is any truth to the stories of his father's God. #FaithPitch #HF #INSPY #A

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On 1/11/2020 at 2:13 PM, PenName said:

These are my three pitches from #FaithPitch last summer:

These certainly draw in a reader.

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