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1 hour ago, Claire Tucker said:

Yep. Just look at the Basotho courtship rituals. It starts with a gift to the father, then they meet (and another gift is given), before the young man even gets to meet the girl. 

Yes, great example. And then we haven't even started on the small things like greeting. In western culture it is rude to interrupt a conversation between 2 people. You keep your distance until you are acknowledged and then you greet and join in the conversation. In African culture it's extremely rude to walk into a room and not greet everyone immediately. It sounds like a silly difference until you are faced with a situation like this in a shop, for example. That is when we're supposed to set our cultures aside and the way we were raised and just be Christians, nothing else. 


1 hour ago, Claire Tucker said:

SA is a beautiful country. As diverse in her landforms and climates as her people and cultures are.

Claire is right. We have beaches, mountains, bush, forests and a desert. All in a space that you can travel in by car 

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