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7 minutes ago, Accord64 said:


Great info, thanks!


I can add one more (small) suggestion. Apply to have your book reviewed at sites like BookLife (by Publishers Weekly), which is free. I wouldn't recommend paying for a review, but sometimes a strong Kirkus review helps (so I'm told).


I scored a good PW review for one of my books and (at the time) my Createspace distribution channels lit up. This was particularly surprising since CS had no return policy that many bookstores require, but they (and many libraries) consult Publishers Weekly to decide what to stock. I never took it this far, but when contacting store buyers as Chris suggests, I think a recognized critical review would enhance your elevator pitch.   



That's a good point. One thing I had on my sell sheet is some positive results from some awards competitions. The awards circuit is a bit of a racket and not everyone will want to spend money on it, but I did and I ended up with a couple of finalist and honorable mention plugs with good reviews (I can talk about awards separately). I also got a couple of good reviews from Christian book bloggers, which helped. I probably contacted 30 blogs and only got 2 to review it, but I think there was some value in those reviews. Additionally one of my local bookstore owners also does reviews for a regional magazine, and she reviewed my book there (and included it in her year-end favorites). 


One thing I had meant to emphasize more in the long post above is that the real key is for them to be interested in your story. I had a store in Kansas sell six copies the first day they had it because the owner was really touched by my story and sold it to her regulars. If you can get them interested and invested, they'll not only carry it but really try to sell it for you. 


Also, if you go to the bookstores page on my website you can see the list of bookstores who are actually stocking my book (at least the ones I know about, anyway). 

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