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Climate Change: Its Divine Purpose And The Way Out As Biblically Predicted

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Concerning Climate Change, Barnaby Joyce Suggests To Australians,

On Christmas Eve, To Respect God Or Be Nailed. A Rejoinder By Paul E. Momoh:


Merry Christmas!

“The Guardian” reports that, "Barnaby Joyce says he is ‘sick of the government being in my life’ as he urged Australians to respect God, otherwise ‘we’re going to get nailed’…declaring that ‘new taxes are not the way to address it…Now you don’t have to convince me the climate is not changing, it is changing’ he says” (theguardian.com/australia-news of Christmas day 25/12/2019).

I may not be a big fan of Barnaby Joyce (Australia’s former Deputy Prime Minister) for all the shenanigans, political drama, ethical and moral fiasco, which he took both his family and this nation through. That was about two years ago (My prayer, best wishes, and thoughts are with both his first and latest family).


Nonetheless, I must admit that the true wisdom that came out of his mouth on Christmas Eve, 2019 (in a short video interview with the Guardian as earlier referenced) made me think, boy oh boy, are we having God speak through a Barnaby Joyce, pretty much as God spoke through a Donkey (not to suggest he is a donkey in any way)?. That Donkey-Balaam encounter turned out to be an all-time prophecy. It became a guiding light for a nation then terribly stressed-out in its own time of national crises. We sure are in similar times and seasons with the ongoing climate change. We need all the answers to the table.

Let’s be clear. No other Book prophesied changes in the climate like the Christian Bible did. That was centuries well ahead of its initial occurrence. In tons of verses, the Bible predicts a massive change in climate and indicates such to occur in the last days, and the event as the beginning of sorrows (Matthew 24:3-14; Joel 2:28-32; Dan 12:1; Rev 7:1-3; etc.).


The change in climate, therefore, is biblically underscored. The brouhaha called climate change is what is arguably a political stunt and a socio-economic circus that will soon come to an abrupt end. History is about to repeat itself. Its latter end is doomed to be another circus of blame-game arising from a failed dream. Time will fail me to allude to both medieval and modern history. So, I will only briefly refer to an event in recent history in what follows.

Climate Change is a true reminder of the bogus Y2K money-making hype in the lead up to the year 2000. "All computers may crash; airplanes grounded, and bla bla bla", so goes the hype that stoked fear and got big money moving. Although there was some truth in it (as the reality of the change of climate is today), the Y2K brouhaha and its socio-economic scam came to an abrupt end the world over in one day, on New Year day, 2000. The sky as we know it did not fall.


The issue then, for many Christians, is not in any way a denial of the change in the climate (note that I use the term, change in the climate, intentionally). It is rather a rejection of the gross deception, political hypocrisy, love-of-money, and the burgeoning, money-spinning climate enterprises, undergirded and masqueraded under the guise of climate change.


For, as the wise saying goes, what goes around always comes around. Yea, sure, it did come around, only that this time around, the historically proven change to climate was renamed and branded Climate Change.

At the end of the road, it would have plunged nations into debts, their citizenry into economic hardships, with no tangible progress. By then, billions and billions of tax-payers’ funded dollars would have comfortably ended up in the drain. Oh, sorry, did I just say drain? No please; comfortably soft-landed in the bank accounts of clever individuals, their phony enterprises and that of their political cronies. In so saying, I do not intend to generalise on this serious matter in any way. Many of the individuals, corporations, and businesses entangled are innocent, unaware of the underlying intrigues and manipulations. They are just moving with the crowd and being socially responsive to the tidal waves of political correctness.


Indeed, may I say that the concept and project called climate change is a spiritual diversion from its intended eschatological purpose. That is, to prove the reason and season for people and nations to humble themselves and seek divine intervention from God. This is the ultimate cure for climate change without a further dollar spent. Again, these scriptures do apply here: Luke 21:25-33; Matthew 24:3-14; Joel 2:28-32.


Hence, Mr. Joyce’s down-to-earth offering to all Australians afford a clear choice that should kick start a renewed conversation on climate change. It portends to take the dialogue to a more critically advanced and meaningful engagement. It holds a prospect to bring back to the table a large chunk of the alienated society of religious and non-religious folks. These are normal, everyday people, who have seen through the social ploy, the economic plot, and/or the spiritual diversion in climate change. They stepped away from the public debate lest they should be vilified by the climate mob and their paymasters.


In a nutshell, Mr. Joyce is saying that we now have a clear choice between:

(1) More taxes and more power to the government for intervention both on climate change and in our private lives, Or -

(2) Less taxes and less power to the government while we respect someone out there in the sky (called the Almighty God) as the only option to more taxes and power to the government.

Beyond the foregoing two options, there is obviously no third way around a change to the climate as far as the history of western civilization is concerned. Rather, as the Guardian’s report concluded, “With the camera pointing to the sky, the former deputy prime minister urges Australians to respect God. ‘There’s a higher authority that’s beyond our comprehension – right up there in the sky. And unless we understand that’s got to be respected, then we are just fools. We're going to get nailed”.

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