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The Lord was there


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Hey thought I’d share a moment I had before Jesus came into my life. 

I was playing video games a few weeks before the Lord came into my life 

and I was thinking of a name for my account but I couldn’t figure one out until the word “beloved” came into my mind I didn’t think much of it until Jesus came into my life and it was pressed into my spirit that he was there. I had another type of moment when I was 18 when I was strumming chords on my guitar and the impression came into my spirit to worship the Lord but yet I did not know the Lord but he seemed to be there before he came Into my life. 
The Lord is good.


has anyone else had any moments with the Lord on your journey in this life ? Please share 😊

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I was 19 the day I received Christ as Savior and Lord, though it felt more like God having rammed through the final door of a castle besieged by Light.  I had just attended a Bible study in which the youth leader gave the "Romans Road" Scriptures as a witnessing tool.   After the meeting, the leader asked me if I had ever heard those Scriptures.   I responded that I had, about 5 times over a 3-year span, from different believers.       As he and I parted, the leader showed me the verse that said "God's spirit will not always strive with man".


As I walked back to the military barracks, it was night time, with not much street lighting.   It was pretty much jet back with very luminous stars overhead.   The scenery pretty much presented how I was suddenly beginning to see myself, in relationship to God.   So much darkness in the world, yet obvious luminescence if we bothered to look up and learn His way.  The thought kept occurring to me that I could very well be on the precipice of permanent unbelief.  


I shuddered at the thought that perhaps I would never hear again, within my being, the call of love that Jesus extends.   What would the purpose of all my pride, arrogance and resistance be then?   I would be a mere echo chamber--and there would be no One with whom I could argue as a matter of dialogue.   I was suddenly inwardly exhausted from the struggle and felt a resolute calm which lead me to the barracks room door of a sergeant who was known as one of those "holy joe" followers of Jesus.  Long story short, he led me in a sinners prayer within a few minutes.  


God is indeed the Hound of Heaven




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Thank you for your story and question, @Mightyriver You have done my heart good. 

I was five years old and very ill with the measles. My father refused to take me to the doctor, discounting the severity of my illness. By God's grace his aunt convinced him that I would die without proper attention and I did get what I needed.

In the weeks that followed I experienced an Overshadowing presence, like a dome of peace in my bed. I just lay there, too weak to move, and let God be.  I AM with i am.   

In my thirties, I finally remembered and realised, that was Jesus, proving His love for me.  

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This is the fourth anniversary of this moment with the Lord, so...


There is this block in University City, (which is a neighborhood in Philly), where four hospitals meet. CHOP, HUP, Abramson, and the VA. Each hospital is at least a city block in size and at least 6 stories high. It's crowded all the time, even during the holiday season. Of course, not everyone is a patient, there are workers and families coming and going too. And not all patients are in bad straits. (I saw a pregnant women being wheeled into the ER.) But the sizes of the buildings and the enormity of what's going on around me hit more than once. So many stories. So many reasons for so many people to be there.


Hubby had blown a micro valve during a heart attack before Thanksgiving that year, and so many things were going wrong. He had to be stable to get the valve replaced, and it was over a month before he was. (That anniversary is December 23rd.)


So I was picturing this street I was crossing from above. A crowded street with huge buildings in a neighborhood in a city with many, many huge buildings, and crowded streets, in the northeastern section of the States with many more cities with... and it just grew until I looked like an ant from God's viewpoint.


But I passed this pocket garden before going into the hospital hubby was in. The only thing left of the pocket garden was two bare miniature willow trees and some faded ground cover. The leaves were evergreen, but you know how it fades out anyway in winter.


Except in between the leaves was one tiny flower. No way should that flower have been there in winter. And no way should anyone have noticed it. God had that flower blooming because he had taken care of it all its life. I wasn't merely an ant. And he was telling me that hubby was in his hands too, so fear not. (He kept telling me that he was in control, but not once did he promise which outcome he'd give. xD)


Matt. 10:29 Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. 30 But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. 31 Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.

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