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Prayer Request for My Husband


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Early yesterday afternoon, our plans changed. We were trying to go to the grocery store but had to leave the store to get my husband to the ER,

Once there, they did a chest x-ray. The ER doctor came back quickly and told us his symptoms and the x-ray showed a serious progressive disease,

The things they did for him actually got him to feel better. They  admitted him.  I called our son and told him what was going on. He immediately said he'd try to take some time off work to come home.  He called his dad at the hospital and I believe my husband talked him out of coming up. I don't think my husband realized that this condition is a progressive disease. 


He just recently started going back to church with me.  Our new pastor and my best friend both came to the ER to check on us. 


Again, I ask. Please pray for him and our family.

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Lord, another of Your children is in need of Your presence. There is a progressive problem that needs Your attention. Heal @Quiet Spirit husband, guide the Dr's, use them to show Your healing power. Give strength, patience, and peace to all involved. In Jesus name I ask and have full expectation that it will happen. Amen

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