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Child of God


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Child of God, you about your fathers business? 

living to love, living to please the one you love?

a light in a dark world, while the days are evil.

The sorrow, the pain, sin and death. 

While the light shines in the darkness,

and the darkness does not overcome it 

With hearts fixed on Him who calls us my beloved.


Seeing the beauty in life, having the mind of Christ.

A fragrance of life to those who live, in him we live.

Never failing, a love so great, the love of God In whom we embrace. 


The world and it’s vanity, delivered from its corruption.

The sin and the shame the blood that’s been shed.

The devil and his army with the world against us.

Carry on child of God for God is with us. 


What are we but free, praise the Lord for he set us free!

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