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This tiny room shared with my sister

Is my home for now, till when, who knows?

Many times I wish our home was better

I’ve learned to befriend the noise and the clutter.


I have less now yet I still have so much

Good clothes, good shoes, good books

Too many still for me to remember

Too many still to keep clean and in order.


I don’t miss what I sold nor gave away

It still surprises me!

That I held on to them for so long

Now I understand me!


In our small home, we have enough

To eat and clothe ourselves well

We never lack drink or food

Only time for eggs or meat to boil.


We step out into the breeze

And greens abound

Beneath our feet

And high above.


Foliage in arches and canopies

Shaking in the wind like dancers

Shimmering with sunlit kisses

And I forget the fumes and scents

That interrupt our sleep and naps.


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