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Preachers kids Centered Bible

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Hi.   I grow up with a father being a pastor.  pk's know that our spiritual Journey is different from people that aren't pk's.  is anyone a preachers kid here?  i know that i could just buy a wide margined bible and put my own thoughts in but id love to read other PKs thoughts on the Bible scriptures.  does anyone here want to take up the challenge of writing an niv pk centered bible?   i know what you are going to say:  why don't you starting writing one?"    i could!   but has it been done already??   Thanks

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I'm not a preacher's kid, but I'm sure you that you will find plenty of them on here.  Still, that's an intriguing idea, Dan.  Why don't you try writing one?  I don't think a PK Bible has ever been attempted.

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My wife and three sisters in-law are PK's.   Having gleaned their reminiscences for years, some thoughts from me as an outsider (and pardon any undo stereotypes in advance) :


PK's see through the phony parts about church culture, but culture (the useful stuff) is still necessary.   We are humans, after all.  So, the trick is to find constructive culture vs. becoming counter-culture (rebelling against expressions of the Faith, and ultimately Faith itself/Himself). 


PK's, being saturated with sermons from infancy up, are challenged to hear the Word in fresh ways.


PK's understand that "faith without works is dead" more than most, viz a viz the dynamics of family life and how parishoners behave outside the confines of the sanctuary. 


PK's cringe at being put on a pedestal


PK's understand that there is a far cry between truly trusting God and talking about it.


PK's struggle at the pressures that try to infer that there is a dichotomy between expressions of the Faith and living in a secular world.  


So, I think PK's might be drawn to a Bible that takes the Bible personalities to touch on ways to deal with the above and other themes.


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