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What a Hamburger Can Teach You About Forgiveness

Sarah Daffy

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Even if my wife had changed her mind about wanting a hamburger, she would never ask for the last bite - or any amount of bites after I took my first bite. Neither would I, if the tables were turned. Why? It's simply unsanitary to us. Sharing food like that is, well, gross. o_OxD

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I would only share broccoli with my wife if I was trying to poison her.


Something changed in her metabolism in the pregnancy with our youngest, and the smallest hint of broccoli makes her violently ill for days.


We have radically different opinions about food sharing, probably because I had five brothers and she had only one sister.


So, even if I cooked the burger, she wouldn't eat it if I touched it after it became a sandwich. While I'd scrape off the ketchup and munch away. (Maybe adding hot sauce)


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