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Prayer request for attack on homeless

Becky Bradley

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A few weeks ago my daughter was chased down the street, clutching her baby, by a an older man dressed in dark clothes.  He was never caught by the police.  A man fitting the same description has been attacking the homeless, specifically the weakest men and women.  He has been slashing them with a knife and now one woman is missing.  The homeless think he is one of their own.  This town is not sympathetic for them, so they feel they have no one to turn to. but if it is the same man who chased my daughter (who lives in a house in the poor section of town), he is not just after the homeless; every one on our side of town needs prayer.  Thank you.

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On 11/17/2019 at 8:16 PM, quietspirit said:


I have never heard of a town not trying to do anything to help the homeless. I will  be praying. May I share this news with a prayer group I am in?

Yes, you may Quietspirit.  A few years ago one group in our town had set up a building for the homeless to go to for medical treatment, clothes, shelter etc.  They even had a grant and volunteer doctors.  They were within weeks away from opening.  Through the company I work for, who was also supplying various products, co-workers and I had volunteered during a Christmas break to organize the clothes.  That is part of our normal job, so we could do it faster and more efficiently than most.  Everything was in order, but the city swept in and shut it down. 


Police have even been known to escort homeless out of town. Part of it is because there are so many with mental issues, or who are strung out, who create troubles with the businesses downtown and with individuals.  Part has to do with scams.  The problem is many of the ones with anxiety or depression, etc. are trapped.  They would be fine, and would even be productive in the economic society, if they could get their meds, but that won't happen without insurance.  A  state leader is trying to extend the state's insurance to cover them, too.  (Currently, it covers only children at certain income levels).  So, I am asking for prayer on that, too.


Still, there are churches who work very hard to provide food, clothing, baby items for newborns and toiletries for the poor.  There was a prophesy a few years ago that said churches would take over where government will fail in its government programs.  So, it could be part of the prophesy.


I do want to thank all of you for your prayers.  I know they are effective because God hears those from the heart and will act on them.  God's blessings to all of you.

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