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No Clear Readership, No Clear Sales

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Amen! First question I ask a writer before critiquing their work. "Who is your audience?"


And it's just as important to children's writers as nonfiction writers. After all, our audience may well be the grade school kids, but if we don't appeal to parents and teachers, we'll never reach them.

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Since I know a number of writers, I know about their influences. First, the writer begins writing, at whatever age, whatever suits them. I know too many artists and writers who come out of school, for example, who were never taught how to market their work in any real, practical way. The internet can help. But I think it starts with the writer whose dream is to write books for children, or science fiction as examples. Once he or she reaches a certain level of proficiency, they should find out who is looking for writers in their chosen niche. Now the internet is offering a lot more in the way of ebooks but the question is: how do you find them? Any of them? In the book trade, it's referred to as discoverability. And that involves some level of promotion.


I used to joke with a writer I know that "No one is waiting for your next book" but I stopped doing that. There are people in your niche and you just need to find a way, hopefully more than one, to reach them.

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