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Ya-Ya Sisterhood with Christian theme


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Anyone interested in a provocative story of friendship set in small town Louisiana?  Think Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood with a Christian theme! 

Quirky/Coming of Age
Approximately 98,500 words.

ROBIN and DESIREE (DESI) meet in small town Louisiana as they’re about to begin High School.

DESIREE (DESI) doesn’t want to leave her Daddy or her home in Albuquerque, but she needs her lively, colorful Mama, SUNNY, to be happy. So if Sunny insists that Desi’s new stepdad is divine and moving to Louisiana will be an adventure, who is she to argue?

ROBIN has lived in Louisiana her whole life. All she wants is to be popular. And skinny. She also wants her mother, MABEL, to stop talking about Jesus all the time.

As their unexpected friendship blossoms, both Desi and Robin are shaped by their small town and the unintentional brushstrokes, both beautiful and shameful, of the adults in their lives.


Let me know if you'd like to read the first two chapters (approximately 19 pages) to better decide if this if for you.  I'd love a few beta readers who are willing to give me a little feedback.  Thanks!

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