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Sarah Daffy

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnddd I need help again. . .

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3 hours ago, BKHunter said:

Maybe they just lose track of them. It's not like they had Facebook in those days....


This book is set in modern days.

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The parents have gotten themselves in trouble with some Very Bad People, and were not in the house when the fire occurred. Their lives are in danger, and their children are in more danger with them present, than absent. They had planned to return for their kids, but the fire changed their plans.


Perhaps there have been mysterious things that have been happening to the kids as they're struggling to survive, and they barely escape, each time. It may turn out that at least some of these events were quiet attempts by their parents to contact them, but in their fear of the unknown, they've been avoiding their parents.


BTW, if the parents are alive, then I'm presuming that no human remains were found in the aftermath of the fire. If this is so, then everyone will know early on that the parents weren't in the fire.

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37 minutes ago, PenName said:

How are you doing with this, @Sarah Daffy☺️

Haven't really been working on it. My health flared up again last week because of some stress so I am taking it easy. Thanks for asking. 

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