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Self-Publishing Advice Online Conference

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The Alliance of Independent Authors has an online conference starting this weekend. https://selfpublishingadviceconference.com/

The speakers will include Dean Wesley Smith, Michael Anderle, Sacha Black and Orna Ross, covering such topics as:


  • Become an Instagram Author Influencer
  • Why Your Book Isn't Selling And What to Do
  • Content Hacking: Achieving Success with Your Website Audience
  • Structure Your Nonfiction Book to Sell and Build Your Fan Base
  • How to Leverage Audio to Become a Career Author
  • Creative Self-Publishing: Optimising Platforms, Formats and Income Streams
  • Use Your Author Website to Engage Readers and Sell Books
  • Fiction Worldbuilding for Indie Authors


Access is free for three days. A lifetime all access pass which includes additional content and sessions costs $199, or is free if you're a member of ALLi. I was planning on joining ALLi this year anyway, so this might be a good time!


But there's still plenty to learn from the free sessions.

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Sounds like a valuable exercise!  I signed up.  I won't make the start time from this side of the continent, but I hope they allow access for long enough that I can catch them later in their day!

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29 minutes ago, carolinamtne said:

Apparently you think that joining is worth the money. They seem to put out good information for free.

Their free stuff is good, but they have other benefits! One big one is you can upload and revise print on demand books to Ingram Sparks for free. Ingram normally charges $49 for each upload and revision. So if you upload two print books a year, or upload one book and then make one change, that alone is worth one year's ALLi membership.


You also get access to their Facebook group which, from what I hear, has lots of very helpful and experienced indie authors. Plus free tickets to the London Book Fair (I'm not far from London, so that's a bonus) and free legal and business advice. And, of course, permanent access to conference resources, such as the one I linked to in this thread.


There are a bunch of other things on offer, but those are the ones which appeal to me most. I was aiming on joining anyway this year so that I could use the Ingram Sparks discount for my books, but this conference may nudge me into signing up a month or so earlier than planned.

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I'm getting much and relevant information from this conference so far.  I've listened to a Spaniard, two Americans and even a Canadian!

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8 minutes ago, carolinamtne said:

I don't seem to be able to get in.

I had trouble at first as well when I tried to start watching. Then they sent me an email with instructions about what I should do. Check your email in case they've been in touch. If not, mail Sacha Black, I think her name is, and she should be able to help. You should have got an email from her when you originally registered.

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