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Poetry anthology

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Hi everyone ...I have a question and looking for opinions again.  I think I solved my problem with Xulon press. They were taking $124.00 a month out of my bank, so I went to my bank and changed the account numbers. Unfortunately it is the only way to stop that sort of thing.


I loved the idea of sorting my poems using the colors of the rainbow in and out. Because every poem has it's own story on what was happening in my life when the poem presented itself, I was wondering is you all think that might be too much writing.  I am also stuck without a title.  I wrote a very, very dark poem that after I made the corrections Caroline had suggested, and smoothed out the theme, alliteration, tempo and rhyme, I posted it for about 10 minutes. etc. Some of you have commented on the pain and sadness that seems to fill my poetry.  Looking at is as a type of memoir of my life, which I really do not want to write, I wonder if I can use the colors of the rainbow, to show the process of two steps forward, one step back. You can only see how far you've come from a distance. So I am going to lay the poems out and identify the color that matches the emotional theme of the poem.


I really believe that this next step is going to definitely test, how well I walk my talk. I know it is going to reveal new things to me as I go through the process.  I want to finish the grief and start to rejoice each day.  The second half of my life. 


For those few who actually read "Monster's Waltz," before I removed it, that poem will be included. I'm rather captivated by that title though. I'd like to call the Anthology "Monster's Waltz."  If you saw the movie "I can only Imagine," and Chris calls his father a monster, I grew up with a monster as well, but now I've tamed the monster. She is sitting with her mother, waiting in my garden for me. 


Any other ideas?

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Look at how pathetic this is....I am getting paranoid. I've only won One day.  😪 ok... go ahead... I'm used to it.  Just ignore the Diva Drama Queen.

I'm going to go write to my Norwegian relatives!

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