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Good Night, Adieu

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Good Night, Adieu


One, two

Unbuckle my shoe.

Three, four

Throw my clothes on the floor.

Five, six

I doubt that I can fix.

Seven, eight

The words on my paletté. (Near rhyme..OK?)

Nine, ten

I fear to try again.


But I am a poet, damn it not.

Feeling tempo, rate, and rhyme

Is a specialty of mine.

Not where to put a semi-colon

Or hyphenate half-time?

I would rather sit and pout

Crush the grapes and whine!

In such esteemed company

You grandly so outshine

This lowly little psalmist.

“Fare thee well, nymph

Ere do leave

Thou shalt fly him

And he shall seek

Thy love.

Where on bank blows wild thyme.”[1]



 [1] Oberon to Puck – Mid-Summers Night Dream.


Love to all,



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Oh...just going to bed.  I'm so frustrated with trying to write, I needed a poem to blow off some steam...LOL  Quoted Shakespeare too... yes I wrote it, just not the part in the quotes..

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I think we can all understand frustration with words that don't perform as we wanted them to. In my own work, that just says it'll look better when revised a week, a month, or a year from now.


What we start with is no more than a draft. The amazing news is that we have something brand new, that's never existed before. It has potential, just like we do. It will need time and effort, just like we do. It will grow and improve, just like we do.


Give it time, and don't give up.


And if you can, try to be playful with it. As you quote Shakespeare, and crush those grapes to make whine, nibble on a few, and consider "What food these morsels be..."

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