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How Thin Is Your Novel?

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This is one of the things which keeps me working on my novel long after Linda thinks I should be done. At this timestamp, Pat Rothfuss talks about how thin or lived-in a novel feels. It is this very question which keeps me up at night and why my novel isn't done yet. I've been at 90% for a solid year now, and this aspect of fleshing-out is a large part why. https://youtu.be/JwazfU4BE60?t=2753

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Preach it, brother. It's what I love about Dune, Larry Niven's Known Space, Snow Crash, and so much else in hard SF. There's room for more stories than we could ever tell. 


That's one of the reasons I' m following our own TDDrakken's Drifters series, and why I await a final version (advance review copy hint hint) of this magnum opus.

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