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Heaven's Lullaby

Guest Mary Kaithe

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Guest Mary Kaithe



The long bright day is ending

As the sleepy sun rubs her eyes.

The battle has begun between

The child of light's curiosity

And the wisdom of the night.


Look, how slowly darkness spreads his wings

Enveloping, softly fading, wisps of colors left behind

There is no need to hurry, or dread the coming night

The sunset doesn't see the darkness

She has already closed her eyes.


So begins the fragrant night

With it's own dark lights to rise.

The slowing pace of night's own light

Playful stars blink glistening eyes.


The silver moon, with his sly old glance,

Joins the stars with majestic light.

There is no darkness here, sweet child,

These are God’s lesser lights.


They mark a passageway

Dancing wild across nights sky.

Come join the special journey

With the children of the night.


As they dance and trace the sacred path -

Some will streak with silver flame.

Dance and wildly sparkle

Dreams swiftly fill the mind.



Dance their silver dance , my child,

Until  increasing light

Brings forth the perfect moment for them

to sleep behind sun’s rise.


As they fade into night’s sweet darkness,

Sweet rest and sleep behind the bright blue sky.


And look! The curtain opens

The sun’s opened up her eyes.

Rejoice and Hallelujah!

The “Day of The Lord” has arrived.




By Mary kaithe

May  16, 2019

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