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Flash Poetry

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Listen Class,


I'm going to start the timer.  You will have 3 minutes to write a poem. 

Here are the rules

1. write your poem within three minutes.

2. you will be allowed 2 extra minutes to use any way you want 

3. Your poem must contain a complete theme, topic or story.

4. Your poem must be in English

5. No nonsense rhymes

6. There must be at least two rhymes somewhere in the poem.

7. Remember, prose is acceptable, only two words need to rhyme.


The winner will be determined by our fearless leaders before everyone goes to bed.

The winner will also be allowed to name the time and subject of the next Flash Poem.


Today's Topic - Donald Trump

Have fun😉

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On 8/22/2019 at 6:36 PM, MaryKaithe said:

The  Flash Poetry will be rescheduled due to rain, or lack of interest. 

Some stuff to remember, that might help next time, in no particular order:


-- We're all from different parts of the world with different time zones. According to my time zone, you wrote this Thursday evening at 6:30 PM.  There is a 1 in 24 chance it was 6:30 PM where you were. (I'm pretty sure you aren't in my time zone since that's in or around dinnertime.)


-- We're all doing different things on any given day, so we don't all come here at the same time each day. Life has been hectic enough for me lately, that I don't always get here every day. (And, I am hoping the Lord gives us a bit of a scheduling break in the next couple of weeks, because "retired" is supposed to be relaxing, not hectic. lol)


-- This is also an international site, so I'm thinking the British are about as interested in Donald Trump as Americans are in Boris Johnson. (And, honestly, I'm so bad with politics, I'm impressed that I knew Theresa May is no longer the UK's PM. :$) I'm an American, and not all that interested in Trump. xD


-- Agreed. Not all of us are poets. (I can write poetry about as well as I can hit a baseball. I have hit baseballs occasionally in my life, however, I never hit one forward. When I hit them -- which wasn't often -- they usually landed behind me.) Not to say I never try, but I'd need more time than five minutes if I did try.


-- One of the things I love about writing is that what I wrote the first time will rarely be seen by anyone but me. I can take the time to fix it up more before presenting it to... anyone. 


So, suggestion: How about giving more time when offering a prompt?


Oh, and funny coincident. I live in Philly, therefore our football team is the Philadelphia Eagles, who played a pre-season game Thursday night, but it really was called on account of rain. (Lightning.) xD

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Ok new topic, and everyone is supposed to time themselves. I realized every one was from some where else.. Let me think, what might get every one's creative juices going.  How about  "my first crush no one ever knew about?

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I was a freshman in High School, already performing in every grade level pods with my guitar and songs. (I started playing when I was 10.) I had a crush so bad on a short "wild one" greaser type.  You wouldn't believe all the things I did to get him to notice me. It never worked. But anyone else fall madly in love with someone the didn't even know?  Oh!  Joe Russo, He had this great Harley. Part of me still thinks about him. 


I'll give everyone 10 minutes time to write and 5 minutes to use how ever you want.  Is that better? Remember a Flash story is just as good.

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