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KR LaLonde

Some help...

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If you need some help writing your story, I got this email today and thought it was worth sharing.




In case you're feeling stuck with the story you want to write, here are some ideas to help.


If you're having trouble writing the beginning...  

1) Try starting in the middle of the action.  


You don't have to write the story in order -- you can always go back and write the beginning later.  And, often, the middle of a scene makes for a great story beginning, pulling the reader right into the action.  


2) You can start with one of these first lines:


- "No, absolutely not!" she/he/I said.

_  Please let it not be ___________.


Use your creativity to fit the line into your specific story idea.


If you're stuck partway through the story...


1) Try making your character's situation much worse.


Back your character into a corner where s/he will be forced to take action and get your story moving again.

2) Introduce a new character who will shake everything up. 


A difficult parent, a toxic former friend, an old lover whom your character has never quite gotten over...


Throw this character into the mix and see what happens.

Happy writing!
All the best,
Creative Writing Now 
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WOW!! This is terrific! Thanks so much for sharing, KR! I had never looked at writing quite that way before. I'll keep these tips in mind anytime my writer's block tries to kick in. :)

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It sounds like the "snowflake method." 


Each character is affected in a different way by events and goes in a different direction, closer or farther apart. At the next incident, the same characters branch out again, going further apart, coming closer together, or continuing on the same course.


A diagram of these decisions starts to resemble a snowflake under a magnifying glass.

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