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This research isn't for a book, although I'm certainly hoping there is such a book. It's for hubby and me.


Does anyone know of any practical how-to books on dealing with loss of skills as we get older? I'm accepting I can't do what I used to do well enough, but can't seem to figure out how to live without being able to do everyday things.


For instance:

-- I know it's called "essential tremors," however no one has taught me how to write a check when I'm losing the ability to write, in general. I'm losing other fine-hand coordination too, but don't know how to deal with the outcome.


-- Hubby has poly neuropathy. After two decades he has learned how to walk without feeling his toes. (Harder than you think, since your foot signals what type of surface you land on so the mind can figure out how to walk on it. He always feels like the first third of his foot is falling off a cliff.) Now he can't feel his pinkies. Did you know most of your hand strength comes from your pinkies? Chopping veggies and putting new handles on faucets just went from everyday-easy-jobs to pure frustration.


-- Hearing aids. Something easy to put in, but hard to adjust to, and just as easy to fall out. Same problem with dentures.


-- Breathing. We both have COPD and it affects everything we want to do.


Again, this is just getting old. But we'd love a how-to manual, considering the best doctors can do is tell us what's wrong. They usually can't tell us how to live with it.


Has anyone found such a book? Or books?

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3 hours ago, suspensewriter said:

"Getting Real about Getting Older: Conversations about Aging Better" by Linda Stroh


Already in my cart. Thanks.

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I knew an older myrmecologist (ant scientist) that had essential tremors (or something similar, his hands shook quite a bit is all I really know). He still managed to do some excellent specimen curation. I have no idea how.

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