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Faith Filled Family Magazine is a digital monthly magazine helping families to live victoriously in Christ. We need writers for the following topics to fill up the September issue.

Please email aaddo-boateng@eyeworship.org which topic you will prefer and she will confirm. Deadline for submitting is August 15 2019.


5.  Why is it important for parents to teach their children to like who they are?  How do you teach your children who they are in Christ?  What effect does it have on them when they have a firm foundation  in their identity?  What happens when they just attempt to appease their friends?  Discuss why it is important to always be true to how God made you despite overwhelming pressures to conform.


6. An increasing number of parents do not like the values being taught in public school as they sometimes go against biblical beliefs.  How can a parent stand firm in their convictions and protect their children from beliefs that we know are biblically wrong?  How do you have that conversation with your child?  How do you strike that balance between showing them how to love on someone, maintaining their Christian values, and not presenting themselves as a "hater".


8. What do you stand for?  What do you do when work tries to enforce activities that contradict your faith or make you uncomfortable?  What if you are forced to support organizations that conflict with your moral beliefs?  Do you continue to work there, stand your ground, or do you get out?


12.   How do we bring Jesus back into our society, and back into our laws?  Have we deviated from God and the foundation that our legal system was based on?  How can we, as Christians, make a difference?  Why are we reluctant to?


16.  Discuss why someone might not be happy at work, and what God might be telling them.  Why is it when we walk in God's calling over our lives there is joy?  What does this feel like, and why should believers seek it?  Incorporate how Christians can hear from God regarding their calling.  What happens if they don't hear anything?


17. Has our sense of community declined?  Do we make an effort to get to know our neighbours?  Should we get to know our neighbours, biblically?  Why is this?  Is it important to have a sense of community anymore?  Can we regain/strengthen our sense of community?


19.  Are our children being equipped for the real world once they graduate?  Discuss whether they are well-equipped both intellectually (capabilities) and whether they are capable spiritually.  Is our education system falling short?  In what areas?  What needs to be improved?  Use the Bible as much as possible to support your argument.


20. How do we initiate change in our world?  Why should everyone seek to make a difference- no matter how "small" or how "large"?  Why have we lost our passion to make a mark in this world?  Discuss why apathy happens to some individuals, and how to break out of it.


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I've missed this August deadline. I do apologize for that.

If you need help on any future issues, I would be happy to submit some sample articles for you to consider. Feel free to send me topics. You are welcome to message me, and I would be happy to share my email address with you. 


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