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Looking for screenwriting partner

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Hi there, I'm looking for a Christian screenwriting partner to work with online or in the South Florida area. 

I've finished a screenplay for an animated fantasy-feature and am looking for someone to refine it with me.

We would split rights and, all things going well, write more feature film screenplays together. 


If this interests you, please send me a message listing your fav films and shows. 




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Hi there Manna, I wish you the best! Do you do other forms of writing? If you're doing fantasy, maybe you can chronicle your story into a series on the side/like a novella/while you learn screenwriting. That's something I wish I did to get the wheels turning. Who knows, it might build you up a fan base while  you're at it ;)


Same here- well, kids and sweet/innocent movies, like 90s romcoms, are usually my favs. 

And good classics like The King's Speech and Forrest Gump too. 


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