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The Difference Between Scrivener and Word

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From a FaceBook post to someone asking if there was a keyboard sequence to center text. (This explains something of the mindset of Scrivener.)



It sounds like you came from Word. Welcome to another world. 

See Scrivener is not like that, scrivener is seemingly very basic. But also very capable. It teaches you not to even care about how things look WHILE WRITING. How things look matter later! 

You can leave some marks here and there but in the end it is really an RFT+ File, Yes, it uses RTF files with an extension. 

Step one: 

Write your content in the most basic form, don't worry about how it looks, that is for later.

Step two:

Edit it so that the content is right.

Step three: 

EXPORT IT through the COMPILER to give it a certain look. 

Now why does this method works? 

Lets say you want to make both a printed version and an ebook. Or maybe even more formats like PDF! 

Each format has its own rules and ways it looks the best and is the most readable. So only at the COMPILE phase choices have to be made how things look. 

So don't worry how it looks, first make the content. Then edit, then compile.


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Thanks for posting this. Did you ever figure out how to make the font size bigger when you compile in Scrivener? It always seems a bit small for reading.

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That's what I noticed in yWriter, too. It seems to jump from one font to another unpredictably, but when I export it to Dropbox it's all cleaned up. This gives me a working copy where I can track all the changes saved in yWriter and another to share.

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Thanks but I am inclined to stick with Word. 


I have watch a couple of tutorials and tried to set up the trail run with a project and still get confused. MS Word I know what I am doing. Maybe another time but thanks for introducing Scrivener👍

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