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How to Evoke Emotions in Characters and Readers, Part 1

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My friend Rachelle Stewart Ramirez wrote a blog post today detailing How to Evoke Emotions in Characters and Readers.



Emotion affects every aspect of our stories. When readers feel, they are engaged in the story. Are you confident you can evoke emotions in your readers?


Why do so many stories leave readers feeling unfulfilled, bored, not believing the actions of a character or the turn of a plot? Could it be that the writer failed to evoke sufficient emotion from the reader because they didn’t know that reader emotion is a writer’s primary concern?


In each article of this series, I’m offering practical and applicable tips on how to evoke emotion in your readers. Here, in Part One, we’re laying a foundation for the series and covering everything you need to know to complete a first draft of an emotionally resonant story. Why? Because making readers feel is how writers create change in the world. Are you ready to inspire change? Ready to entertain and emotionally engage readers? This series is for you.



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Emotion is one of the things I focus on the most when writing a story. I love a good read that will give me feels, that will keep me hanging on every word, that will make my heart go out to the characters. Emotion is very important in a good story in my opinion, so I'm glad it is being focused on here. :)

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