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VERY Short Story Contest

Claire Tucker

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LOL You ARE young! 🤣 Here ya go:


Rescued from a bottle by an astronaut on a desert island after crash landing there, Jeannie, a beautiful 2000 year-old genie, lives in the house in her bottle of the astronaut, , and poses a myriad of problems for him with her blinking up magic. She eventually falls in love and marries the astronaut.





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PS: People have never seen "I Dream of Jeannie?" Is that possible?  :oops:


The next think you'll say is that you've never heard of "Gilligan's Island." o_O


And dare I ask about "The Brady Bunch?" ;)


Okay, they were all pretty campy by current standards. You're probably not missing much - except maybe The Brady Bunch. I have a soft spot for that show, even though my sons laugh at it. 



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