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If I Am Not a Robot, Then Why...

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Checking off the correct on-line squares to signify that "I am not a robot" is proving to be a

real wrench to my system.    I average  two or three tries to be accepted by any mother lode,

which seems so robotic that I am questioning myself.


This is almost enough to make me enjoy the Rubik's Cube, Sudoku or Candy Crush.


If I am not a robot, shouldn't my multiple tries and subsequent errors prove that?   Even a

robot knows to avoid the definition of insanity--to commit the same error when knowing

it would trigger another iteration of blocks.  


Puzzle makers should invent an on-line game called "Purgatory", wherein the "check off all

blocks" is expanded--say, 30 times.    Everyone knows that even a robot would not waste

his, her, its time.  But I know a lot gamers would probably enjoy it.


I say that the privacy rules for creating a log-on to any website should simply include

an obligatory, one-time "I Robot--Not!".   That way, we can avoid the feeling that a website is like the

servant on a Roman commander's  chariot during a march of triumph in Rome.   Every time

the crowd would cheer, "You are not a mortal", the servant would whisper in the commander's

ear, "Remember oh man, you are but a mortal".    


I come to a website without any laurels.   A website need not keep reminding me of my humanity!



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I meant my piece to be humorous, so guess I need to learn to use emoticons.   I was trying a Dave Barry-esque rant.


I've been reading Genesis a lot.    Israel had to contend with Ai.  Nah, AI isn't pronounced like that 😉


I once read about how in the future that AI might create/print, on-demand, such things as novels, news articles, etc., based on information AI-compiled, but then later, AI-analyzed/produced.  My reaction was concern that brilliant, anti-God literature could be spread this way.   Then I thought:  well, if God cannot be put in a bottle, then Spirit-guided creativity will continue to confound the wise, including AI,  behind which man's wisdom lies.  Say, wouldn't that make a good book?  A debate contest about faith between AI and a God-seeking seminary student.🖋️💡


The only thing "good" I can see about AI blocking certain content for the web (that is conservative or religious in nature) is that this might be reducing the very data that a naughty AI would need for producing counter messages (?).    But AI is probably storing that non-published data anyway.🤨

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On 7/17/2019 at 6:53 PM, Ragamuffin_John said:

then Spirit-guided creativity will continue to confound the wise, including AI,  behind which man's wisdom lies

That's well-said, I think. The fault at the center of all this hysteria about the singularity taking over is materialism; that we are merely bits of atoms smashing about that chanced to become sentient. Thus if we can; machines can. But no amount of cold calculus can minister to a soul, much less create one.

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