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Not bad, for an early start.   About to hit the road for a little traveling.   I just hope that other Southern states I go through haven't gotten a certain road construction itch just discovered in my locale. 


There are a few four-way stops that some Europhile engineer decided to deconstruct and replace with roundabouts.   Now I personally like those circles, because I learned to negotiate them in the cities of Zaragoza and Pamplona, Spain.    In Pamplona, the roundabouts are training wheels for the annual Festival de San Fermin ("Running of the Bulls"). 


Anyway, local folk here don't get it that you yield to folks already zipping inside the roundabouts.  That engineer could have been a little more enterprising and named the larger roundabout the Upstate 360 racetrack. 


All in all, though, it should be a great trip.  

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