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Followers, how do I track them

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While trying to find an agent, one of the items an agent is looking for is the number of followers I would have.

1. Who are these followers

2. Where do I find them

3. How do I track them


My first thought is:

Facebook - Not sure yet, working on it

Twitter - the last thing I will be working on

Website - I have a friend building a better looking website for me and he suggested that he set up a way to make a list of emails for that would give me a count of followers

Amazon - From the books that I already have there - I will be giving a free digital download of these books to up my followers count 

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Yes, they look at your numbers. On FB, they look at how many friends you have on your personal page and/or how many likes you have on your author page. On Twitter, how many followers you have. And on your site, how many subscribers you have and maybe at how many return visitors you have. Not sure about that. I wouldn't give away all your books as free. I'd offer one. New subscribers could subscribe, get the books, and unsubscribe. You want them to stick around. Hope that helps some. :)

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