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Carolyn W

Jesus in fiction

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10 hours ago, PenName said:

Thank you for posting this question, @Carolyn W, I have been struggling with the same worry since I have a story I want to work on down the road about the disciples Simon the Zealot and Matthew. I, like you, have been disturbed by the idea of putting words in Jesus' mouth so I was interested to see everyone's responses. Thank you everyone for the great input.


I think you have a great solution, Carolyn! Not sure what I'm going to do for mine yet since I can't take them out of 33AD! Lol!

I've always wanted to write Lydia's story. (The seller of purple linen that Paul talked about fondly.)  Boaz's story. Peter's story. Peter scared me the most for the same consideration you're having.

If it helps any, I was thinking about it sort of like how they did the movie  Ben Hur. There was no doubt Ben Hur saw Jesus more than once, however, Jesus never was seen. Is that doable?

And, man! I really get why we want to write stories based off the Bible, but it sure is hard once God shows up.

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I am glad I came across this topic because I have learned so much from everyone's responses. I  have a fiction story idea that includes Jesus and was wondering how to write it. But now seeing what everyone wrote helps alot.

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