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Hammer of Crucifixion


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Hammer of Crucifixion

Raise ye not the hammer of crucifixion
To pierce the hands of my son,
For the sins ye thus engage today
Strike the stake upon the head,

And, fasten him
With vengeance and blood
Into the grain,

And though his sacrifice for you
Occurred so long ago,
Each chosen sin knowingly committed
He remembers in his soul.

Now, should he have looked
Into the eyes of his executioner
Would he have seen your face?

And should he dare
To have stopped the falling
Of the hammer to his hand?

Nay! He cried upward in agony
To beseech the cause of my forsaking,

And I could only watch
The hammer of crucifixion fall
As we set into motion
Our love for each soul individually…

Our everyone—
Our all.

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