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beta reader Beta Readers Needed For Christian Memoir

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Good afternoon, I am looking for a group of beta readers to read my novel starting July 5.

I have finished my third rounds of edits and would gladly appreciate some feedback and tips on how I can improve it.


I am looking for feedback on:

Overall flow of the book. Is the book flowing smoothly?

How can it be less repetitive?

Was there elements in the book that's confusing?

Do you find certain parts to bee too cheesy, etc..?

Any other  feedback/ opinions are welcome! So please don't hold back!


The book is a memoir that aim to help others through sharing how a deeper relationship with God is formed.

The word count 40,000


Book synopsis:


Who is Jesus? And why did it seem like everyone knew Him except me? What is so great about Jesus? The name Jesus… Jesus is all I hear. But why did I need to know Him?

In Becoming A Sheep, Bethel shares her own experiences with getting to know Jesus and letting go of the fear that stops many from growing close to God. She goes through stages of opening her heart, overcoming rejection and betrayal, being healed, learning to forgive, and finally becoming a wholesome woman that loves God.

In Becoming A Sheep, you’ll come to know Jesus.  Jesus who loves and cares for everyone. The Father and the Good Shepherd.

You will learn how to:

·         Surrender your heart to God through Jesus.

·         Love God, yourself and others and be loved.

·         Have a relationship with God.

·         Live in the world yet not be of the world.

Becoming A Sheep aim to help the lost be found. Once Bethel too was lost but now she is FOUND!


Included is the Introduction: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vQ35CfkxnydI8jInZiuJ0Mgn0Pt8jdymiTPxAdU-qHDibQ4wTFty28widJRfOWSSpKKnS8nsZw_qNLh/pub


Please get in touch if you'd be interested! Thank you!


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I'd love to help you out and read your work. Congratulations on finishing and three rounds of edits! That is an incredible achievement.


Please let me know. I can start as soon as you'd like.



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Hi Felicity!


Thank You so much for wanting to read my book! I would like to send you the introduction and first stage(chapter). There are 7 stages or chapters in the book. I would like to email it to you but if you prefer it another way please let me know.

Edited by bethelgreen9

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