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Screaming for answers and hearing silence in return


Waiting impatiently for when it's my turn


Wondering when this hell will end and life will resume


Feeling as if I am in a play, waiting on my impending doom


I'm the flismy puppet hanging from somewhere above


Waiting on the One with the power to cut the strings and return me to His love


Wanting to take back control and instead receiving no resolve


Realizing, maybe it was never my problem to try and solve


How foolish of me to think that I could win


When I continue to fight the wrong battle, the one within

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Oh what a powerful poem... I teach social/emotional health at a juvenile Detention Center.  This piece is so vivid and literally communicates words my own students  struggle to grasp and communicate.  You are so much further along on your healing journey than so many I've seen struggling.  I'm proud of you for your honesty and truth.


Possible Title: Marionette





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Thank you so much for your uplifting and encouraging words.    Thank you also for the title.  I would love for my poems to be shared with anyone who could be blessed by them.  My name does not need to accompany them.  I am blessed to have God use my life experience and feelings to be of help to others❤️

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