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Will your books be voice search discoverable?

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I never thought about a voice search for a book. Well, I have no device that is "smart" so it wouldn't matter. :rolleyes:

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Have an Audiobook Version

If you have an Amazon Echo or Dot device say the following prompts:

“Alexa, read The Fault in Our Stars”

Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant will read a sample of the audiobook version of The Fault in Our Stars.

If you have a published book, you want to also make sure that an audiobook version is available. Smart speakers prioritize books that have audiobooks available. Make sure that your audiobook is available on Amazon and Google Play so the smart speakers (Amazon’s Echo, Google Home, Siri) can purchase, read and recommend your audiobook to potential readers.


I am interested that we are going back to where we were when we told stories around the fire, surrounded by wild beasts.  Pre-script.  We are so educated we have educated ourselves out of symbols and into the spoken word!  

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13 hours ago, lynnmosher said:

Oh boy! I started writing a story featuring my stuffed animals with my teddy bear as protagonist. Once it got to the point of it being worth saving on back-up, I bought a thumbnail teddy bear. Now you point me to a teddy bear that tells stories. I feel like the prospector who found a gold mine and then found the mother lode. :x

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