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SOS ( Prayer Warriors)


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If only you knew


The feelings I have inside, that render my soul so blue


The hurt cuts so deep


Many nights I go without restful sleep


The images that I see 


Are so very vivid to me


I wrestle with the thoughts to take my life


Knowing I would leave my children without a mother and my husband without a wife


It's not the answer, I know this very well


This pain, deep in my soul is were it does dwell


That's why I am holding on to God with all my might


I'm weary from the struggle but very much still

in this fight!


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Your pain is real and tangible.


Thank you for reaching out for prayers!!!  You shall have mine right now!


O LORD!  Unto the be all holiness.  Thou art sanctified before us in spirit and in truth.  Glory be unto thee alone!


I cry out for your daughter who is in distress.  By thine own strength and grace, bring her peace.  Quell her soul, O LORD; give to her of thine own perfection which is in Christ.


I ask, in faith believing, that thou wouldst make joy for her heaviness; that the well of her tears would dry up.  Draw nigh unto her, O God, that she may be comforted by the very kindness whereunto thou hast fashioned it.  


For these things, O God do I pray in all thankfulness which is the mighty name of Christ, Jesus... Amen!




May your heart be stilled my friend!





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