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The consequences of sin


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The sins brought upon me 


Leave me screaming "I'll never be free"


 As the past replays in my head


Auto is on and I can hear everything they said


Nothing regarding me was considered or asked 


The fact that I was human and could feel must have been masked


Their own they treated less than trash


They had no partaking in the aftermath


At times it becomes difficult to believe that I am worth something


When so many treated me as if I was nothing

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This is so powerful to me.... and personally provocative.  I teach at a juvenile detention center and am met with guilt and intense emotional injury every day.  You offer words and a truthful portrayal of despair that is so often felt with guilt and worthlessness.  


I hope you find peace my friend.  Often writing is a simple solace, a connection to the quiet-- nearness to the spirit.  


Despite your pain, never forget that you are loved and that blood was shed to cover injury and sin...


Receive it day by day... (some days will be harder than others.)  Don't forget to love yourself and move through this time with prayer and cleansing tears.... (yes I believe here are different kinds of tears...)


Many Blessings to you!





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