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site-related question Clarification on Critting Post

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First, yay! I can finally see the "how to crit" rules on the critting forum.  I was raised by someone with OCD, so I'm very must-follow-rules oriented, even without the perfectionist personality that's supposed to go with OCD. 


So, this is what I'm not getting. The post said,



We recommend no more than 2,500 words per request. Anything more is just too long and will limit the feedback you receive. If you have a longer work, please break it up into multiple requests. There is a firm 3,000 word maximum for each critique request, but again, less is strongly recommended.

At the beginning of your post, leave instructions on what type of focus you're looking for. Are you looking for a grammar check, line by line critique, or just general feedback? Be specific so others know where they should focus.


Does that 3000 word max include my instructions?


Funny thing. The help I want is my chapter is too long, and I can't see what isn't necessary. It's 2822 words long and I'd like it to be closer to 2000, so I want help shortening it.


BUT, it's also Chapter 1, Book 2, so I have to summarize what happened in Book 1, since no one here has read Book 1. I doubt I can do all that in less than 200 words. :$

So no more than 3000 words with direction and story, or just with story? (Either/or is fine. Just figuring out how to do this in my must-follow-rules mindset.)

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Your explanation is not counted in your story. So post your chapter and keep your explanation down to as few words as you can. If you go over some, that's okay. ;)

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