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Book #1: An anthology of transformations

KR LaLonde

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I haven't quite started filling out a file with names. I've pretty much narrowed them down to Bible names for the most part. The good guys, anyway. But I'll gladly accept your help. After I've posted more of the story so you can help me come up with one that truly fits the characters. :)

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Okay. Are you ready for everything I've written so far?


“Seriously? You think cars should be free? What made you think so?” His sister’s incredulous tone informed HisName1 that his statement was wrong. And that he didn’t understand how he was wrong.
    “Well why not?” he demanded, getting in her face and pursing his lips together so he wouldn’t say more. HerName1 eyed him, a smile curving her lips as she took a single step back and crossed her arms. Her brown hair hanging flatly and cascading down her back contrasted sharply with his sweaty, [wet] locks curling around his face. He had seen his reflection in the bathroom mirror when he stopped for gas on the way home. Even he wasn’t impressed with his appearance after combing the mane he called hair.
    “You need to clean up before Mom and Dad get home,” she said now, cutting into his thoughts by slugging his arm. Her smug expression rubbed him the wrong way, causing him to long for when they were younger. Tackling her right now would bring him more pleasure than irritation.
    “Fine,” he responded after swallowing his retort and reigning in his wayward longings. The temptation to tackle her nearly suffocated him, but he managed to contain it nonetheless. He remained silent, nodding for her to lead the way inside. After hesitating for a moment, and eying him suspiciously, she finally turned and reentered the house.

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