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Joshua Cartwright

I've just tried Christiannewswire.com

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Hello brothers and sisters.


I've just sent a press release via christiannewswire.com. I will let you know how it goes and if anyone else has done the same, please share.

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I had to strip out the press release itself (we don't allow advertising in this forum) but am interested to hear about your experience with the service. Let us know if you get any traffic from it! :)

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Christian New Wire



Christian Newswire is the most used and most recognized distributor of religious content news releases in the nation.

Over 2100 public policy groups, government agencies, PR firms, religious organizations, think-tanks, watchdog groups, advocacy groups, coalitions, foundations, colleges, universities, activists, politicians, and candidates use Christian Newswire to distribute their news releases.   Click to see our client list. 

How much does it cost?

$80 is what we charge to transmit your 400-words-or-less(‡) news release to our exclusive national media list.  Our competitors charge from $295 to $395, yet they do not have the direct contact with reporters and news producers that we have. 

You do not need to use a credit card.  We will send you a bill.  It is that easy.  Just email us your news release, or use theform on this website and tell us to send it out.  No membership fee. You are not required to purchase any additional services.

Want to know more about where your news release will go and who will see it?

National list of over 2500 reporters and news producers whose beat is "conservative & family issues" ($80 for up to 400 words‡)  These are TV, radio, wire-service, and print reporters/producers that cover family and conservative issues, that does not mean they are conservative or pro-family.

Top Talk Radio Hosts & News Radio Stations, nationwide ($65 for up to 400 words‡)

Christian Radio, TV, & Print, 1000 outlets nationwide ($75 for up to 400 words‡)

Catholic Media, over 400 outlets ($65 for up to 400 words‡)

Black Media, over 350 outlets ($65 for up to 400 words‡)

Hispanic Media, over 150 outlets ($65 for up to 400 words‡)

States - Target one or more states. ($65 for up to 400 words, per state‡)

Opinion Editors, over 350 opinion page editors ($100 for up to 800 words, surcharge of 25 percent for each additional 100 words.)

Click on any list above for additional details.

Click here to see where your news release will be posted on the internet.

‡ Rates listed are for the first 400 words; releases over 400 words are subject to a length surcharge of 25 percent for each additional 100 words.

We offer you the option to record a sound bite audio clip of up to 60 seconds in length that can be posted and distributed with your release.  To take advantage of this feature call 202-546-0054 and choose option 4.  Follow the instructions to record your sound bite that will be made available to journalists, reporters and producers.  The cost for this service is $100. 

When you use our service to transmit your news release, it will go to major media outlets nationwide, including all of the top daily newspapers; wire service bureaus; broadcast network bureaus; network affiliates, news-talk radio stations and weekly news magazines.   Every news release we transmit is also made available to millions of online users worldwide. 

For 25 years we have gathered contacts that other wire services do not have.  The contacts we have are not available through any directory and we have never sold or rented our lists. Reporters and news producers trust us with their private emails, faxes, and phone numbers.  Our lists are maintained daily. 

When you transmit a news release through us you are reaching directly those reporters and news producers who want to see what you have to say.  

In addition to delivering your news to the media, your unedited news release will be placed on the world's most popular online services and databases.

What do journalists say about our service?

American Family Radio's White House reporter, Bill Fancher: I look through Christian Newswire's releases each and every morning.

Sean Hannity's syndicated radio show's senior producer, James Grisham: Great, this goes straight to Sean.

The O'Reilly Factor's producer, Kristine Kotta:  Thanks for the Great Guest!

Newsday columnist and FOX News contributor, Ellis Henican:  I have never been disappointed with the guests you provide.  Thanks.

National Catholic newspaper columnist, White House Correspondence Department for President Reagan, Dan Engler: Thank you for the great press releases you send.

Bott Broadcasting's president Dick Bott:  Thanks for this [Christian Newswire].  We are using it extensively.

Illinois Leader's managing editor, Fran Eaton: As the managing editor of the Illinois Leader, I want to thank you for the tremendous job you are doing in providing ideas for stories that reaffirm traditional and conservative values.  We will do our best to advance the issues you send our way as much as time and staff allow.  Keep up the good work.

News Source 1310 AM KKNS' talk-show host Jeremy Reynalds:  Your news service is invaluable in getting quality, informed, and knowledgeable guests.

Midwest Bible Radio / SOLID-FM's General Manager Paul Rehm: During my afternoon program, I do what I call, "The Story of the Day."  If you go to the "Afternoon Praise" section of our website, you'll see that you're a primary source for these stories.  I know of no other source that provides a Christian focused information clearinghouse like Christiannewswire.com.

Evangelical News' editor Mary Griffith:  Just noticed that our web site has now used over 1,000 of your releases/stories! Thanks so much for all you do and keep them coming.


Duffy and Company: We love Christian Newswire.

Canada Free Press: CFP will always be proud to carry information sent from the mighty Christian Newswire, one of the few beacons of light and hope in these darkest of days.


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So, my press release has been out for three days and I've had no email contacts. It was hard not to feel discouraged but I also tracked where it was being viewed through my wordpress site. I use statcounter which enables me to see where in the world people are visiting from and what they did.


So as of Friday morning UK time there have been seven unique visits mostly from East and West USA. There have been downloads of the book extract as well.


That works out (so far) at about 8 dollars per click given the cost of the release. If I get some good publicity I'll need to sell 31 kindle books to cover my costs.


I will let you know in a few days how things are going and what v worked when I get feedback 





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I can't wait to read about how this works out for you Joshua!  I'm currently working on material and things that will go into the publicity/marketing plan I'm putting together and will include in the agent query letter for my first novel. I'll probably share the ideas I've come up with that can be used by others when I'm further along.

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Okay, one week in.


I've had nine new visitors, eight from the USA and 1 from England.Most are in major population centres like Atlanta, Chicago, New York etc. My media pack seems to have been downloaded only one but there were 25 page views from that lot of the two pages I most wanted people to visit.


As of yesterday, I had one request for a soundbite from a North American Christian radio station for broadcast this Saturday.


So, at the moment the cost has been about 6.50 USD per click and one contact (which techically until I see people reviewing the book) has cost me 68USD.


However, the way to think about this is that even if one broadcast gets picked up by other stations, things could still kick off. I'll keep you posted.

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While this sounds very interesting, how can anyone know for sure that contact like this is legit?

Sorry if I sound like a Negative Nancy, but I'm rather paranoid.

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