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Scenes MUST Turn

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I'm polishing the scenes in my novel and needed to brush up on scenes so I consulted what Shawn Coyne wrote on the subject.



The most important thing to remember about writing a scene is that it has to TURN. It has to move from one state of being to another. It can be a subtle turn, but it must turn in a meaningful way.


When you get stuck, think about the overall state of your protagonist’s quest for his objects of desire (both external and internal). Has his quest moved closer to success or failure from beginning to the end of the scene? It must move from positive to negative or negative to positive or positive to double positive or negative to double negative etc.


If your scene does not move, it has to be reworked so that it does. If you find that you are pulling your hair out trying to turn the scene and it just won’t turn, there’s a good reason why it won’t. You don’t need it in your story. It’s undoubtedly a Shoe Leather/Stage Business scene that just moves your character physically from one space to another.


Cut that stuff. You don’t need it and it’s boring.



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I heard an Authortuber say something similar - every scene is a transaction. A character has to get something from it (either positive or negative). 

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