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Selling your book, selling you, or selling both?

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I have been thinking of this buying a book because of the author thing.  

Like I said before I normally buy books based on the cover and/or blurb in the back. 


That being said, Do you really want to know more about the author??


It is like Hollywood movies. There are some movies I will not go to because of the actors. Their political and/or religious beliefs are abhorrent to me, so I cannot even pay my good money to watch them. There are some book that I read (which I have hundreds) that I enjoy very much, and find myself re-reading them years later. However, if I knew more about the author, and found out that he/she was a pedophile (I am using the extreme) I could not read another word.  Or that their religious views were so repugnant, even anti-Christian could I ever enjoy the book again? I think I would rather buy a book, enjoy it for what it is, and not delve into their personal life and find out something dark and evil in it. Call that hiding my head in the sand if you wish, but sometimes ignorance is bliss.

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3 hours ago, carolinamtne said:

That's important to know.


I wonder if teddy bears and penguins would get along. I'll bet they would. Maybe Guino can find a teddy bear under the bleachers and they can start a relationship. Thanks for another story idea.

Spaulding, (my teddy bear), likes Mr. Popper's Penguins as much as I did. And some of our stuffie friends are penguins, so I think it's a natural fit.

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