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Results of Unplanned

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I received an email from Students for Life regarding the movie Unplanned. They spent $20,000 on tickets and here are some of the responses they have received:


We’ve received countless phone calls and text messages from pro-lifers all over the country telling us how Abby Johnson’s story impacted those who went to see the movie with them. Today, I wanted to share a few of their stories with you.

At North Dakota State University, one of our students told us she brought her fiancé who didn’t know what an abortion was exactly. After seeing Unplanned, this is what she said:

“He never really understood what happens during an abortion and was pro-choice in certain situations like incest or rape. But after seeing that movie, he is pro-life 100%. That movie was powerful and life-changing.”

And at Utah State University, our student brought her friend who claimed to be “mostly pro-choice,” but came out of the theater with a completely different mindset.

“I took a good friend who considered herself mostly pro-choice. After the movie, she was blown away. Almost the first thing she said was, ‘…I know this has changed everything about what I believe about abortion. Everybody should see this movie.’ It was really awesome.”

Another student at Nevada State University mentioned that she is no longer in between, and is now proud to say she is pro-life after we sent her to see Unplanned!

“I absolutely loved the movie. I’ve always been in between on this debate, but this movie made me realize the cruelty of abortion. As a result, I have been seeking more information, and I’ve been watching interview videos with Abby Johnson. I can confidently say I am no longer in between. I am proud to say I am pro-life.”

And a student at the University of North Alabama told us about how the movie shook her friends’ foundation and beliefs and ended up adding two new students to her Students for Life group!

“During the movie, we cried together, cringed together, got upset together, and more... After the movie, we walked back to the lobby and both girls could not stop talking about how seeing abortion in such a realistic frame changed their mindset. The movie shook our foundation and beliefs, challenging us to do more and really push for change. I encouraged the girls to join our Students for Life group at school. Both were willing and ready to jump in and make a difference at our university.”


They have some plans in the works for fall, which they haven't divulged yet, and are seeking some support for it. If you'd like to contribute, here's the link



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The movie shocked me to the core and I was already pro life. I hope it wakes people up to what abortion really is.

My wife who worked in hospitals for over 30 years described what is was like to see a tiny baby lying on a stainless steel table as it lay there dying after an abortion. What shocked me most in the movie was the scene where the tiny life is sucked out of the womb through a tube. Perhaps the world will wake up to the horror of abortion. 

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