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Joshua Cartwright

other Reviewers for Jesus and Me: One Child's Friendship with the Son of God

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Hello fellow authors,


Can you help me out?


I've written a short children's book set in the First Century about a little girl called Imma, who gets to know Jesus while she lives in Bethany near Jerusalem. Like most Jews she is expecting a Messiah who will drive out the Romans. So what will she make of Jesus? Will she come to faith in Him?


It takes about 35 minutes to read and I could do with some advance reviews for when I send out publicity before publication. So far, reviews have been very positive (from strangers I am glad to say) -here is one:


“What first caught my attention was the illustrations - a Jesus that actually looks Jewish, and a little girl of color.   The story did not disappoint.  It was fun, and touching in some places, to see Jesus through Imma's eyes. I love the way Biblical truths and accurate historical details were woven into the story. A great way to teach kids about Jesus.”


If you can help please let me know and I will contact you through your account and send you a PDF. There are still some pictures being drawn by the illustrator so the review will refer primarily to the text unless you want to talk about the pics that are there.


Thanks in advance!!



Joshua AP Cartwright




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Hi Stephanie,


Welcome to the group! I'm sure you'll enjoy the book and it's only a 30 minute read. If you send an email to joshua-abraham@mail.com I'll send it across. The book comes out in June and I'd be happy for an honest review. You can message me privately on here as well. Thanks so much.



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Hi V.F. Lord,


As others may agree, one can never have too many reviews! Thank you. I would be happy to have your honest review on Goodreads and Amazon if possible. It's a short 30 minute read and I wonder if I maybe a bit cheeky and ask you to turn it around on the same day? I ask because life is busy about about 50% of the people that agree to review end up getting too busy with life. Then I feel like a review-stalker... I will send you a link to your messenger on here in a couple of hours. Huge thanks in advance. 





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