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Maureen Dobbins

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Nietche said that God is dead

And there are times when that goes to my head

If there is no hope for me

My life has been a calamity

Waking each morning to the emptiness

No Power at all, just helplessness

But, if I try real hard and think things through

Some of those mornings did seem new

A chance to breathe some fresher air

Thinking, maybe, He does care

Something, maybe, can happen to day

To make me smile, feel light and gay

Was Nietche right?

Or is every morning always a fight

To walk toward His Light

That I may see in the dark of night

I guess the choice is mine to believe

That Nietche did deceive

Because he refused to receive

A force of love

That like a dove

Embodies peace

And offers up each new morning

An explosion of Grace

To the human race


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Guest Anon Reel

Reminds me of all of the false teachings that abound. Many of which are popular owing to the social status of those who make such spurious claims.

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