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Nicholas Reicher

Learning more in 48 minutes than in four years of seminary

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If you've got 45 minutes, watch this. You'll learn more about the Bible than you thought possible. Grab your Bible and follow along. I literally learned more tonight watching this than I did in Seminary.

@William D'Andrea would love your feedback on this.


Warning - use of NASB instead of KJV



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If you all can, open a Bible and follow along. You will learn a HUGE amount. Most of this is intended for preachers, but I was challenged, because my process is very quick - I can write sermons in 20 minutes. I'd have failed this course quickly if I'd been in Seminary. 30% of the students are currently pastors at a church already. Halfway through the class the cameras show the students, and all of them look stressed.

30% of the way through the professor explains why he teaches this way - it's to prevent Isogesis. When I went through Seminary, I was only about 8 years out of Chassidism, and I was still quoting Rabbis in my assignments. I don't think this instructor would have accepted any of my conclusions at the time.


The seminary is The Master's Seminary in California, and John MacArthur is the senior pastor there, I found their Youtube channel, and I'm going through the videos one by one.

I recently found a pastor who is like a walking Bible, and after I saw him tear apart Genesis 6 and its meaning, then connect it to 2 Peter 2 and Jude 5-7, it settled any debate in me of who the nephilim were. He had been a professor at TMS also. That made me want to get more Bible education.

These classes are really amazing to me. I'm glad a letter hasn't arrived at my door - "Dear Nicholas, since you're watching the videos, your assignments are now due.."

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